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  1. @Bim what is the last Version for ips 4.2.x? The plugin say its the 3.0.0 but who can I download this?
  2. Works the New Version with 4.2.8?
  3. #proplem solved Thanks @Bim
  4. I have done with the main Design no changes Im most with mobile online not Laptop or PC. My Webseite [Hidden Content]
  5. I habe reinstalleed but no changes :/
  6. I have All plugins disabled but i cant access manage chatbox :/
  7. I have the acces to edit all and this comes when i click on manage the sb
  8. This is not work for me... Upgrade to the corrend Version @Bim i cant access to chatbox magage ( Page is not found)
  9. Manage shoutbox dont work ( Page not found)
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