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  1. [SOLVED] Remove Chatbox from sidebar

    It's done, I had to go into the section itself and remove it manually. SOLVED.
  2. [SOLVED] Remove Chatbox from sidebar

    Nobody, really?
  3. [SOLVED] Remove Chatbox from sidebar

    My point is, I just want the chatbox to be displayed above the node tree. I don't want it on every page, for instance. See how here it's visible: [Hidden Content] Now here it isn't: [Hidden Content] How is that possible?
  4. [SOLVED] Remove Chatbox from sidebar

    How do these guys prevent the chatbox from being displayed in all sections and just the index? [Hidden Content]
  5. [SOLVED] Remove Chatbox from sidebar

    I'm aware the title is wrong, my mistake. But by the other hand the chatbox is still showing up even when I'm in a subforum, how can I prevent it from appearing in all pages? I just want it to be at the main index and remove the navigation bar (Chatbox)
  6. [SOLVED] Remove Chatbox from sidebar

    So recently I started using this addon for my forums and I already used to the widget for the index but I can't remove it from my navigation bar. Some help would be appreciated.