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  1. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello! And when can it be repaired?
  2. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Thank you :)
  3. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello @Bim! Again there is the problem of banning people to Chatbox, I add a person to show only one, that is the last person I add ...
  4. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello! So I can not edit my chat style?
  5. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello! My version 7.1.1 and this may be the reason that I'm so hard it is ...
  6. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello! And say you might have a version of php so slow it?
  7. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    I previously tested anyway, and now I use in this way in the show on your computer: <div class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsResponsive_hideTablet'> test </div> And that gives information to users: <div class='ipsResponsive_hideDesktop'> <p class="ipsMessage ipsMessage_error" style="line-height: 18px;">The list of servers is not available on mobile devices</p> </div> But here in the chat I do not know how to add and to all the other works ...
  8. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    This is what I wanted, and tell me how to add the information on mobile devices that chat is not available on these devices? :)
  9. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    How to hide the chatbox on mobile devices?
  10. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    For example, as you enter on the phone and you want to write something in the chat this minute I write one word, I tested ...
  11. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    But before the upgrade was well ... Prior to version 1.3.3
  12. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    From what I can see online on your PC too bad ... it awfully long time the page is loading ...
  13. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello! Chat terribly bad for mobile devices awfully long time to load, and like anything I write is an expression of a minute to write ... I would add that before the update was all good ...