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  1. Thanks @Bim - it works flawlessly on 4.4. 🙂
  2. Hi Bim, In Chatbox 1.2.5 when entering links they're only clickable if there's no other text included: As you can see, the top link is clickable but the bottom one is not. The only difference is the word "test". Thanks
  3. El Edwina


    Hi @Bim, I've got a few questions about this product. I'm interested in using it for Twitch and YouTube videos, as I run a gaming community. Cna the streams/videos be sorted/grouped into categories so that Twitch streams are in one category and YouTube videos are in another? Can these categories be set so that they only accept one or the other? (e.g. stop members adding a YouTube video to the Twitch category?) For Twitch, can they be sorted by streams that are currently online so that online streams are at the top of the list? Does the application include any blocks for showing online twitch streams? If not, would this be easy to implement? Thanks
  4. Forget it, I am an idiot. I had my conf_global.php CHMOD'd to 444 for extra security. If forgot that, so the HTTPS update didn't actually work. Sorry! :)
  5. Hi Bim, Over HTTPS it appears browsers are blocking the Chatbox manager window when attempting to create/delete announcements. The browser states that it's using insecure content. Thanks
  6. Hi Bim, My messages table shows about 3,000 messages stored. Should I be clearing them out periodically? Thanks
  7. Hi Bim, Is it possible to disable images in the chatbox? (Not the emotes, just images.)
  8. El Edwina


    I'd interested in this for my clan. We record a lot of videos and put them on YouTube. What does it do for thumbnails in those cases?
  9. It works! For what it's worth, I did a completely clean install and reproduced the exact same result. (This screenshot is before I applied your patch.) With your patch applied it now works. Thanks for your help. I'm interested in your videos app so I'll post some questions in that thread.
  10. I'm going to do a clean install and see if it works. I'll report back.
  11. I think it must be a bug with IPS or something. I've had them stored in /uploads/ and created a new /emotes/ storage location too. The same result both times. You can see the path below is perfect. The emotes load absolutely fine in the Emoticons window. But below, when I post one, the URL is not the same. The /uploads/ or /emotes/ part of the URL is missing. My file storage has only the following settings: (Does it match yours? I'm wondering whether I should be specifying a custom URL.) I appreciate your help.
  12. ​Scratch that. They were loading from the database. If I change it back to file storage the same happens.
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