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  1. True, I don't know what's the meaning of Your "nice", but it's true that I finally got it and really it works well. That's my "nice", my thanks to author.
  2. Don't know what the reason, I can login, can read, can open Client Area, can make any changes, but still see only this message. Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file.
  3. Oh yes, IPS 4.0.0 is officially out but the problem is the same, doesn't save any new shouts and cannot repair old ones. But one big change has taken place. Now I can log in here again. For a long time I can't login any way, any method wasn't successful. So, thanks for it.
  4. One little advance notice. I installed IPS 4.4.0 Beta for testing in the meantime. Problem - The chat stopped recording/saving new posts, it means, was possible to load and see old posts, even to change, but could not post new ones. It simply didn't sent nothing. It was Chatbox 3.1.3
  5. Right now, there was a problem - cannot log in unless you have marked (check) the box before "Remember Me" . This means that there is no message shown up, but you can not log in. However, when this box is checked, it will be log in and redirected to correct place as should. Tried on both, ie on current Google Chrome and Firefox. Already thought, that have forgot my password or something, checked, everything was OK and then, when this box was marked, I got in without problems and with both browsers. Thanks!
  6. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.1.6.zip - the link is in the first post.
  7. Of course can, but what is Your problem? Is it that chat box won't load? If so, then is two possibilities something is installed not correctly, for example SSL and some files cannot load as should. If so, look up what is wrong. You use incorrectly configured server, (usually so called free servers). Here You can do nothing, You can only ask the server owner to fix this problem, or change server. So, I think that it is the server problem.
  8. I tested it with IPS 4.3.3, but the problem is that if (BIM40) Simple Pages 1.0.2 is installed, it will not be redirected to the front page or somewhere in the appropriate location when logging out, but will be redirected to the "... Something happened, if you're registered user etc or contact us... etc. " When I uninstalled it was all okay again. This means that the redirection problem is what should be repaired.
  9. Typically, this is a problem on free servers (often they are fake servers), which uses noncorrect settings for free users. This is a problem with the owners of the server. (Usually because they want earn large money and have small, smooth and hard brain, it's like a diamond.)
  10. Thanks, I did it. I am now waiting for the answer.
  11. Already done, not helps. I know, some servers have this problem, all other hooks and widgets works, but chatbox has this problem. Also tried to use MySQL Database versus File System, not helps. php is 7.0.xx, tried also 5.6.xx, not helps. All file permissions set to 777, not helps. What more, maybe some kind trick with .htaccess? Don't know.
  12. Sorry, if anyone has asked for the same problem before, I have not discovered it. I have a problem like this - the chatbox does not download data, only rotating icon and so till infinity. I know that this is not a chatbox problem, but rather a server problem, maybe nobody knows any solution. If sombody is interested to look on it, it's here: [Hidden Content] server is hostfree.pw Thanks.
  13. I've tested it on two different servers, and now I know, the problem is that for some reason, an error occurs when using the XML file during installation. Especially the use of these files, which are in folder bimchatbox\data and usually with the theme.xml file. PS This is not only a problem for me. This is a problem in many cases of the same problem occurs even if the skin is to be installed, using the XML file. Usually not installed css. So it seems that helps, if used in other ways installer, it means the usual css, html, php, and the data files instead of XML. And the problem occurs in these servers, that has been recently updated the php, etc., in the older servers it is not a problem.
  14. I have still the same problem, today updated IPS to version, made absolutely clean install, but no changes. I know, that isn't chat box problem, but maybe somebody have seen similar problem, may be there is needed some kind of .htaccess or .override file add. Simply chatbox loding and loading and so for ever. The same is if I install for example go top button. Everything installs, but button never visible. In another sever, where is only php 5.4, they both working perfectly. Maybe somebody have some good idea. Here is image: [Hidden Content]
  15. Thanks! I'm trying to examine a bit more this problem, maybe this is some kind of problem with the server.
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