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  1. Bim

    Slider Maker

    Slider Maker is an application that allows you to create professional sliders, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. It’s focused on performance, stability, accessibility to providing best experience for user experience in mind. Providing a clean and intuitive user interface in ACP and a smooth experience for the end-users. Back-end features: Create and manage sliders with a clean and intuitive user interface in ACP. Customize the slides with different layers: Heading, Content, Image, Video (Youtube & Vimeo). Sort slides and layers with a simple drag and drop. Easy remove or duplicate a slide. Auto build a slider from content items (supports Clubs, Forums, Pages, Downloads, Gallery, Calendars, Videobox). Auto generate random css backgrounds for content items that have no images. Export and import allows you to create backups or move sliders between installations. Preview all your changes directly in the ACP. Breakpoints to change configuration of the slider depending on screen size. Permission to view sliders. Front-end features: Fully Responsive Touch swipe Transition effects: Fade & Slide Carousel layout Animated and static layers Full Width and Full Window Full screen Auto Height Infinite scrolling Keyboard nvigation Thumbnails Lazy loading Video support (Youtube and Vimeo). Different sized images JavaScript breakpoints Display slider in IPS widget (top, bottom, sidebar), or using slider's code to templates to display it everywhere. Examples: [Hidden Content] (Gallery with animated layers and thumbnails) [Hidden Content] (Slider with animated layers) [Hidden Content] (Carousel) [Hidden Content] (Auto get contents from Forums) [Hidden Content] (Auto get contents from Videobox) BUY NOW
  2. Bạn tìm cái plugin Google Docs Embed nhé.
  3. Bim

    [SOLVED] bimtopstats

    That is not my plugin.
  4. Bim

    [SOLVED] HTTP error with videobox enabled

    Hi, If you purchased my Videobox, contact me on IPS forum.
  5. Thanks for leaving the conversation after i asked a simple question... 

  6. Bim

    Rewrite URL dành cho Nginx

    vô ACP > Search Engine Optimization rồi bật hết 3 options trong đó lên thôi bạn. Ko cần upload .htaccess.
  7. Cái đó cần plugin đó bạn. Topic Thumbnail hoặc Image Meta Tag.
  8. Bim

    [SOLVED] [HELP] Topic Thumbnail issue

    He said he paid for his friend to purchase it from invisioncommunity.com. So I will support his friend when he pm me from ips forum, not ipsviet.
  9. Bim

    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.0.2

    Please give me the screenshots in Permissions tab. You did not set it so you got this error msg.
  10. This is a plugin to add a new widget for Status Updates with essential enhancements. Features: Reactions. Upload attachments. Toggle between rich text & plain text. Toggle on/off member photos. Ajax pagination. Ajax for edit/delete/hide/unhide/lock/unlock options. Ajax for new status, reply. View all replies in popup. Option to set how many status updates should be loaded per page. Option to set widget's title. Option to truncate lines. BUY NOW
  11. Bim

    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.0.2

    Yes, in next version.
  12. Bim

    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.0.2

    Check the js for guest please (such as advertisement). That is not bug from my app.
  13. Bim

    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.0.2

    You should check your other plugins, your themes, and other javascripts. Because the jquery is broken so the chatbox can not work.