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  1. thanhpham83

    Paid REQUEST ?

    Hi, Find a developer here [Hidden Content]
  2. thanhpham83

    [SOLVED] [HELP] Topic Thumbnail issue

    Where did you buy it from? He only publishes his paid plugins on IPS Marketplace.
  3. thanhpham83

    Shopping cart for ipb 4x

    IP.Commerce, but it doesn't have enough features for a shopping cart. I think you should waitting for IPS 4.3, it can be integrated with Wordpress, and you can use woocommerce
  4. App gì thế bạn mêu tả được không?
  5. thanhpham83

    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.1.3

    Use this css .cbImg { max-width: 200px !important; max-height: 200px !important; }
  6. thanhpham83

    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.1.3

    If your chatbox still can not be loaded after clearing cache, maybe file bimchatbox.js is blocked. Some hosting doesn't allow ajax chat.
  7. thanhpham83

    (BIM42) GIPHY

    I sent you message @Bim , I also wanna buy this.
  8. thanhpham83

    (BIM43) Chatbox 3.1.3

    It's just badly cache. I had the same problem but I cleared ips cache to fix it easily. Some other members can not connect chatbox because the chat script was blocked by their hosting.
  9. thanhpham83

    [SOLVED] Theme problem

    You should use the smaller logo, I don't see any option for logo upload in mobile.
  10. Thế là đã nửa năm ko liên lạc ấy