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  1. Hi, Find a developer here [Hidden Content]
  2. Where did you buy it from? He only publishes his paid plugins on IPS Marketplace.
  3. IP.Commerce, but it doesn't have enough features for a shopping cart. I think you should waitting for IPS 4.3, it can be integrated with Wordpress, and you can use woocommerce
  4. Use this css .cbImg { max-width: 200px !important; max-height: 200px !important; }
  5. If your chatbox still can not be loaded after clearing cache, maybe file bimchatbox.js is blocked. Some hosting doesn't allow ajax chat.
  6. I sent you message @Bim , I also wanna buy this.
  7. It's just badly cache. I had the same problem but I cleared ips cache to fix it easily. Some other members can not connect chatbox because the chat script was blocked by their hosting.
  8. You should use the smaller logo, I don't see any option for logo upload in mobile.
  9. Thế là đã nửa năm ko liên lạc ấy

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