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  1. Hi, We don't support paid mod here.
  2. You need IPS license to download the file.
  3. Lỗi này là plugin cũ, ko tương thích bản IPS mới (4.6.10 beta)
  4. Hi, I don’t support paid app here because of the license, please contact onlyME from invisionpower site.
  5. Hi, please purchase it from IPS marketplace.
  6. Bạn xoá system cache xem. Vẫn ko đc thì bật recovery mode xem.
  7. If you purchased it, please contact the author from IPS site to get support. This site will not support paid apps because there is no way to detect who purchased here.
  8. Please open support ticket to ips.
  9. Hi, There is no. Please search it on ips marketplace.
  10. You can find a developer here: [Hidden Content]
  11. No, you should hire a developer to make a plugin for you.
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