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  2. Hey @Bim Let me know when it's ready, I will buy it.
  3. Hiện giờ có vài nhà cung cấp như stablehost, dreamhost, sitegroupd có cho xài ssl miễn phí từ let's encrypt đó.
  4. Thường thì mấy nhà cung cấp domain nó có bán hết.
  5. đăng kí chứng chỉ ở đâu là tốt nhất hả @Bim
  6. Phải cài chứng chỉnh ssl cho domain trước. Sau đó mở file conf_global.php chỉnh đường dẫn thành https. Xong vào chỉnh đường dẫn của File Storage luôn là xong.
  7. Cho em hỏi cách chuyển đổi http thành https em đang sử dụng ips 4.1.18
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  9. Thank you very much ... Really!
  10. I love you!!!
  11. About 1 week.
  12. Wow! I want it! When will it be ready?
  13. This is my plugin Hide Link & Code. When it's done I will sell it in IPS Marketplace.
  14. Last week
  15. Hello, I saw that in one of your topic, use a "Like" button that allows users to see the link when pressed You know his name indicate the Plugin? It is compatible with the IPS 4x? Sorry for my bad english and thanks for the answers. I need that plugin
  16. Như các bạn đã biết, chrome sẽ hiện thông báo "not secure" cho những site ko dùng https, vì vậy việc chuyển sang dùng https là vô cùng cần thiết. Có 1 vấn đề sau khi chuyển đổi là embedded content (khung iframe tự động khi post link của bài viết, file download, record... gọi chung là items). Lý do là nội dung bài viết trong sql vẫn còn lưu domain của bạn với http chứ ko phải https. Để sửa lỗi đó, chỉ cần vào ACP > Support > SQL Toolbox để run sql sau: Ví dụ ở đây mình sửa cho ipsviet, thay lại thành domain của bạn UPDATE forums_posts SET post=REPLACE(post, '', ''); Xong.
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  18. Guest can not Chat.
  19. hi to all, on v1.3.3 Guest cant'use chatbox also if enabled into option " Who can chat? "...
  20. It's due to the badly cache, try to run 'Get Support' tool to clear.
  21. Seems the permissions things on the site admin account fixed the "showing" issue. Now I've got a bigger issue, though. The styling looks TOTALLY messed up. Also the chats don't go hidden once they get too much, we had a couple members chatting and the chats just kept continuing down the page infinitely. Any word on this?
  22. The account that I'm logged into has full permissions, but I'll log into the site admin (the first user) and see if there is any change at all.
  23. You logged in an account that has been restricted to manage Chatbox. Go to Members > Administrators to check you restrictions.
  24. As you can see, there isn't any "Chatbox" settings under the "Community" tab in my AdminCP.
  25. How about the permission in Community > Chatbox > settings > permissions?
  26. It won't let me edit my post for some reason. Here are some images to give you a better idea of what's going on... my forum itself is Block Manager Admin CP Version/Application Page Full Community Tab w/ Proof Chatbox is Downloaded
  27. Hey, I'm getting some serious issues with the Chatbox and I don't know what is causing it. Here's some info. Current Chatbox Version: (BIM41) Chatbox 1.3.3, tried (BIM40) Chatbox 1.3.0 didn't work. Current IPB Version: v4.1.18.1 Current IPB Theme: "Uniform" by IPSFocus. Problem: It is showing "Block cannot be displayed." in the block manager on the front-end, and it simply does not show up or anything under the AdminCP Community tab. I've tried reinstalling and it still does this. It has never been resolved for any chatbox I've tried. Prerequisites: I've already checked in the "Permissions" tab of the Application page, all are good. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall and use Chatbox 1.3.0 but it wouldn't work either. This is the first and only plugin/application that has failed for me on IPB 4. Any help on this would be so great! Thanks for your awesome product.
  28. Yes that fixed the problem right away :) Thanks again! If anyone else is having the same problem, I use the following css: word-break: break-all was causing some text to break awkwardly. The above seems to work on firefox, chrome and safari no problems.
  29. Add this css to custom.css #chatcontent .chat_row { word-break: break-all; }
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