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  2. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello! So I can not edit my chat style?
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  4. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    tình trạng này thường là do host hoặc phên bản ips nên mình cũng ko xác định dc lỗi. Hôm qua cũng có 1 bạn bị vậy, lỗi là tất cả các ajax request đều bị gãy với mã lỗi 301 và bị 2 lần requests. Tình trạng này xảy ra với tất cả các ajax request của toàn site ko riêng gì chatbox. Ví dụ bình thường cách 15s là ips nó chạy 1 request để lấy notifications, còn site đó bị lỗi nó chạy 2 cái request mỗi 15s, cái thứ nhất lỗi 301, cái thứ 2 sai url. Ngoài ra còn có bạn thì hosting chặn gì đó ko chạy dc script chat. Mấy vấn đề này mình cũng bó tay.
  5. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    host free tớ cũng bị xoay xoay như thế bim ạ =.='' .. chạy get support rồồi mà ko đc, lại là mới cài nữa chứ :( .. [Hidden Content] Demo nheé bim... ko biết là do host hay do gì nữa ~"~...
  6. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    If you're using IPS 4.1.x and running Get Support can not solve the problem, upgrading to IPS 4.2.2. If you already editted templates or CSS of Chatbox, you need to revert them to default after upgrading to 2.x. And note that it will not work if turning on Designer Mode or Dev Mode. (Don't pm me how to customize the code, how to add new features,... I made it for the end users and I don't support for coding)
  7. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

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  9. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Tried many times does not work
  10. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Badly cache, run "Get Support" to clear it.
  11. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Hello @Bim, my client has such a problem, what can be? IPS 4.2.1
  12. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    nice leak i love it
  13. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    I can not reproduce this problem. Try to run Get Support in ACP to clear the badly cache and test it on default theme.
  14. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Okay, well is there a way to stop it from doubling every entry? I've run the support tool in the ACP and cleared the cache but that didn't help. It is posted the chat and then 10 seconds later, posting it again.
  15. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Ahhhhh! Okay, I didn't realize there was a separate set up in another place. I just found that and got it up and running! Thank you SOOO much!
  16. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    @lbb did you set permissions in Community > Chatbox > Settings > Permissions?
  17. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    I installed this app onto our forum running IPB - 4.2.1 today and I can't get it to work. It seemed to install fine, is listed in my applications, and I can see it when I go to the Manage Block editor on the forums, but no matter where I put it it says "This block cannot be shown. It may be because it is unable to show on this specific page or it will show after the page is reloaded." Reloading doesn't show it. Moving it anywhere - anywhere at all - doesn't show it. In the ACP I have an Enable and Disable option. Then in Permissions I have an Application button. If it is online there are no other options. If I toggle it off, it gives me an offline permission menu and message box. I have a downward arrow as my last option and that gives me: View details, upload new version, uninstall. I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling and still can't get it work. Can you help?
  18. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    @Bim have a problem with uninstall: Error: Using $this when not in object context (0) system/Application/Application.php(3762): IPS\Member\_ProfileStep::deleteByApplication(Object(IPS\bimchatbox\Application))
  19. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Try to uninstall and reinstall.
  20. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    @Bim @admin Hi, I have a chat problem. I have version 1.3.4, I want to go for a new version, which is 2.0, but I can not. After updating to 2.0 chat does not load at all, no posts appear. Only the wheel is spinning. I deleted the cache, removed version 1.3.4 and installed new (2.0) and nothing. What could be wrong?
  21. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Please use google translate
  22. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Is it possible to have the chatbox on the main forum homepage?
  23. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    Very poorly. I tried to work around this in the database and in the settings, but I couldn't do it. Ok. Thank you for the chat!
  24. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    No bugs?
  25. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    No, IPS required me to hard code 10 seconds.
  26. (BIM42) Chatbox 2.0.0

    The chat is very cool, but in this version you can make downloading messages faster than every 10 seconds?
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