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  4. Hi avalaible? 2years late 🙂
  5. Why didn't IPS have this included in their app when they made it.
  6. Hi, We don't support paid mod here.
  7. I updated Invision Community and I'm trying to bring everything to mind on the test version of the site (trial) and only then transfer it to the production Invision Community installed, paid to update the GIPHY plugin, and now I can't install this plugin on the test version, I keep getting the following messages in response "An application is already installed that uses the same Application Key, this application cannot be installed unless the other is removed". How can I install the plugin on a test site? Please take into account that on the main I have an old non-same CMS and an old version of the plugin.
  8. You need IPS license to download the file.
  9. Hello everybody ! I am trying to download the Chatbox FREE 4.2.2 but is not working . By any chance can I get a link from where I can download it ? I've tried from Invision Community but is not working at all ! Many thanks, Iulian
  10. hi Error EasyPopUp the version 4.6.10 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'IPS\Dispatcher' not found in init.php on line 900 please help for fix error CODE line 900 init.php if( static::isThirdParty( $data['file'] ) and \IPS\Dispatcher::hasInstance() ) { \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->loadedHooks[] = $data['file']; }
  11. Mình cảm ơn! do bên vietnix họ lỗi VPS họ đã backup lại VPS. 😞 Suốt ngày bên đó lỗi
  12. Lỗi này là plugin cũ, ko tương thích bản IPS mới (4.6.10 beta)
  13. Diễn đàn mình bị lỗi, mọi người giúp mình cách khắc phục với ạ, mình cảm ơn
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